Melinda Wellman at Via Roma Salon

Melinda Wellman at Via Roma Salon
Hair Stylist, Expert Colorist, Braziian Blowout Certified (858) 397-4293

Friday, October 15, 2010

Best Colorist/ Stylist in La Jolla

Melinda at Via Roma Salon is the best! I've been to many colorists/stylists in La Jolla over the years and have usually left dissatisfied for one reason or another. After finding Melinda I will never go anywhere else . She is meticulous, professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. She listens to what I want and always gives me exactly what I ask for. Whether I'm getting my copper blonde hilights for summer or my deep auburn for fall, she always keeps me looking beautiful. Being a redhead it's hard to find a colorist who will get it just right, but she got it on the first try! My haircuts are always done to perfection and I always leave feeling absolutely gorgeous!

Lauren S.

Saturday, October 9, 2010



FINALLY! An amazing, talented, and professional stylist in San Diego! I've been trekking back and forth to my hometown in Los Angeles to get my hair done because I've seen dozens of stylists down here in San Diego, but never found someone I could stick with. Melinda Wellman is different - she's AMAZING. If you're looking for a Brazilian Blowout in or around La Jolla, Melinda is the woman to see! She is honest and works hard to make sure the final product comes out looking great. I found her on yelp, randomly, and saw she had the best prices on blowouts around town, but after meeting her and having her do my hair, I don't ever plan on going to anyone else. She'll make you feel right at home, do wonders to your hair, and keep you happy from start to finish. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone looking for a Brazilian Blowout, color or cut. I have frizzy wavy hair normally and she fixed it entirely - it's soft, smooth, and straight now. She's at Via Roma salon in the Costa Verde Shopping Center, and she deserves 5 stars and more.

Marissa L.

Thursday, October 7, 2010



I found Melinda on Yelp as a great colorist and man did she live up to it! Melinda is incredibly nice and knowledgeable. I have gotten loads of compliments on my hair minutes after leaving the salon. I would recommend her to ANYBODY! What is also great is she uses schwarzkopf color which looks amazing and lasts longer than most color. My first time will most definitely NOT be my last!  Melinda you rock! :)

Courtney F.



Melinda is great, a true professional and very good at what she does. She introduced me to the Brazilian Blowout, and honestly, I became addicted. I am so happy she offers her clients great deals as the BB can be quite pricey! Here are three reasons you should visit Melinda Wellman at Via Roma:
1) She makes your hear look gorgeous, whether it's cut or color, I've never been disappointed!
2) Offers great deals on excellent products.
3) She's all around a good person and doesn't try to up-sell or rip you off, and we all know there are many of those.

Christina G.



love love LOVE Melinda!  she does great color and a phenomenal cut!! I've gone to her a handful of times and i haven't left unhappy yet!  i have seen one or two other stylists between visits to Melinda and i find myself comparing their work to hers and in the end i am disappointed!  i think i have finally found a stylist i will stick with here in san one else has even come close :)

Melanie D.



Go see Melinda at Via Roma Salon!  She did an amazing job on my hair, cut and color.  I'm extremely picky with my hair and she did exactly what I asked.  She is also great with ideas if your not sure what you want to do.  She walked me through the process, took great care of me and my hair, if you go anywhere but to Melinda you're making a BIG BIG mistake.

Stacye T.



One of the most talented stylist I have ever met!!! Working in the spa industry I have encountered tons of stylist at spa and salons all over the entire state of Tx.  No one is as talented as Melinda when it comes to hair.

I am so upset she is now in La Jolla, CA, I miss my stylist.  It has been one year since Melinda has cut my hair and I still haven't found a stylist who can compare to her!

I am headed to California for business at the first of the month, and actually scheduled the trip when I needed a haircut! I ACTUALLY  SCHEDULED A WORK TRIP TO CALI AROUND HAIRCUT TIME!   Melinda is the BEST!

Jim W.



Well, well, well. My search for a great hair stylist over! After trying many salons from uptown to downtown and all around.... Melinda at Via Roma Salon saved me:)

The lost, frizzy headed chic I have been since moving to SD is gone forever, and back is the silky, strawberry blond, goddess hair having beauty I call... myself!

I got hi lights, awesome job by the way, hair cut, and a Brazilian Blowout. OMG my hair is the shi-zat! My hair cut was right on, you'd think it wouldn't be hard to mess up long layers, but believe happens (the guilty will remain nameless). Melinda not only gave me a great cut but she put back together all the nonsense that was the remains my last haircut. She did like 3 colors ranging from golden blond, pale blond, and my fav strawberry blond. My hair color hasn't looked this good since I was like 4 years old! Seriously guys, she rocks!

Lots of texture, shine, and no more frizzies!!!! Think I should buy stock in this Brazilian Blowout thing,,, mmm hmmm. It's phenomenal.

Melinda was honest, professional, and friendly. Not pretentious like some of the stylists I've tried lately. Hey, she even offered me wine! Now that's the way to get this chic to relax. Cool music, great location, booze, no prob with parking, and above all else.... THE BEST STYLIST IN LA JOLLA BY FAR!!!!!!  If you are looking to go to the best in the biz without feeling duped and robbed when you leave.... and leave with kick a** hair.  Go to Melinda.

I'm hooked.

Megan T.


This review is long overdue.  I went to Melinda on a whim when she was in UTC in the David Perez Salon [she has since moved next door].  I got her by luck of the draw since I came at the last minute needing to get my hair cut and colored on a Friday and she was available with very little notice.  I have very dark brown hair that is a tiny bit wavy.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do...was open for some direction.  She took SO much time listening to me and getting to know what I really did and did not like in terms of cuts and color and overall style.  I actually felt bad that I couldn't decide.  She was so patient with me and suggested a good idea that would allow me to change my long-term plan if I did not like it.

CUT - I came in after being butchered by another stylist on the cut, which she fixed without chopping off my length.  It was a complete 180.  She turned my style from looking like a thinned out stringy mess into a full head of luxurious hair again WITHOUT losing was AMAZING.

COLOR - again, she did a great job with consulting with me, taking the time to do it right, etc....  couldn't have come out better.

BRAZILIAN - She was doing such a good job during my color and cut and I was having such a good conversation with her, that I took her up on a package price she worked out for me to include a Brazilian Blowout for the first time. [She did not push this on me, I inquired about it]. I wasn't sure if it was going to work on me since I had never done it and my hair is already pretty straight just a little wavy underneath.  MAN!  I am SO glad I tried it!!  I love it!!  It made my hair SO soft!!!  I can literally take a shower and not do anything with it and it falls soft and stick straight as it dries!  HEAVEN!!!

Melinda is a very, very nice and honest stylist and colorist.  She never pushed product on me, in fact offered alternative suggestions when I told her I did not want to pay too much for product!  I would highly recommend giving her a chance with your locks!  Unfortunately, I live in East County and need someone closer, but I am still writing this review for her because I DO recommend her!!

Melinda is FABULOUS! 5 STARS!

8/27/2010  (First to Review)

Melinda is FABULOUS!.. Well worth the $$. A girls most prized procession is her hair.. and Melinda makes sure you look beautiful before you step foot out of her salon. You know your hair stylist is good when random folks stop you to ask you where you get your hair done. Melinda gets 5 stars from this happy customer!

Melissa P.



Melinda will give you the best mens haircut in San Diego. I work in finance and appearance counts so I see my look as an asset. She started cutting my hair at David Perez salon. She has been cutting my hair for over a year and she gives my look modern class. Besides a great cut she has a bright personality with a lot of depth. I have a great time whenever I am in her chair. I hope you will enjoy the experience as much as I do.

Ian K.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Schwarzkopf and Redken Colorist

Hair color is my passion.  I use Schwarzkopf amd Redken color and have completed advanced education in both Schwarzkopf  and Redken hair color and techniques.  Specializing in color, corrective color, and hilighting.