Melinda Wellman at Via Roma Salon

Melinda Wellman at Via Roma Salon
Hair Stylist, Expert Colorist, Braziian Blowout Certified (858) 397-4293

Sunday, June 12, 2011

OMBRE HAIR COLOR- Current Hollywood Trend

Ally (my lovely daughter:) had previous copper hilights- we did them just a week ago! I decided today I wanted to give her a fresh, new look- the "Ombre" a current Hollywood trend.
The Ombre is a look that gives the illusion of deep roots fading into a lighter, tawny color. It works best for brunettes and requires minimal maintenance.
I started with deepening Ally's previous hilights at the crown to her natural color with Shades Eq. Next, I lightened her ends with Schwarzhopf, seamlessly blending and fading the two colors together.
As it grows it will continue to look natural with no lines of regrowth, and as she spends time in the sun and water this summer her ends will lighten a bit more adding to the overall look (but knowing my daughter, we'll be back in the salon again soon to do a bit more of something or other;).

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