Melinda Wellman at Via Roma Salon

Melinda Wellman at Via Roma Salon
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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bronde, Hollywood's Current Fall Hair Color Trend

"Bronde" Color, Before and After

 Bronde color is the best of both worlds! It is the most current fall hair color trend. Bronde is not blonde or brunette. It's somewhere in between.
Erin is a dark natural blonde. She was looking for a deeper color without loosing her light golden blonde ends. I deepened her color in her crown using a demi permanent color to a warm caramel. Demi permanent color does not contain ammonia and ensures no damage to Erin's hair while coloring. A also added minimal low lights of some of the caramel color through her ends to add dimension and depth. Next, I added tiny golden highlights throughout her crown to add sparkle and melt in to her already lightened ends. Another benefit of the demi permanent gloss is that over time it will fade and lighten and when she is ready to go back to blonde it will be a easy transition.

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